Pewter-Ful Jewellery, Key Rings and Candle pins accessories

Hello, Welcome to Pewter-Ful My name is Louise one part of the Pewter Team.

We were introduced to pewter and the skills of casting back in October 2017.

Really enjoyed all aspects from mould making to the finishing touches, was and still am fascinated with the process of casting and the beautiful creations possible.

I was in a job, 9-5, Monday to Friday, however, was working all hours including weekends and on top traveling the UK, clocking up huge 50,000 miles in one year!

Although I enjoyed the job, it was very taxing not only on myself but starting to affect my family life, something had to change.

I took the leap, worked a three month notice period and Pewter-ful was created in January 2018.

We work from our home in Tamworth, Staffordshire. The town where I grew up. We transformed our garage into a small workshop, in which we spend a lot of time producing our pewter-ful items.

We Very much enjoy spending time with friends and family. Either getting together at each other’s homes or out walking with my two dogs.

All our items are handmade. We make or design the original to then make a mould to be able to cast the Pewter.
Make cold cure moulds from Silicon

I love nothing more than spending time with my fur Kids! I have a Labrador – Whiz, Jack Russell – Tinka and a beautiful half Persian cat called Blu. They all get on, however, Blu is the Boss. You can’t beat the unconditional love shown from your fur kids!

The pewter we use is Modern English Pewter, which is all Lead-free. Therefore the pewter will not go a deep grey colour as you may expect.
To keep the pewter with a high shine, simply wash with warm soapy water and dry/polish straight away, do this every now and again. You can also use silver polish on pewter too.

Thank you for stopping on by I hope you enjoy taking a look around our Website.

If you do have any questions please do feel free to ask im always very happy to help


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